Dr. Ivan D. Ivanov

Occupational health; The role of Family Physicians

Dr. Ivan is leading the team of the Global Workplace Health Programme in the Headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, responsible for setting global policies, norms and standards in occupational health, monitoring trends and work-related health impacts, coordinating WHO’s technical work on occupational health, and providing technical assistance to countries for strengthening policies, institutions and services and for implementing WHO’s recommendations on occupational health. His current projects include occupational health of health workers and emergency responders, primary health care, and prevention of non-communicable diseases at the workplace. In the past, he has worked as general practitioner in a rural area, in the public health system and the Ministry of health of his native country, Bulgaria, in the Institute of International Health of Michigan State University, United States, and in the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark.